An Effective Government

The government should be more effective in terms of performance. One of the key components of effective performance of government is measurement. One of the best examples is the launch of by the government of United States. In terms of the launch of the webpage the government had a strategic plan and desired outcome but because of the lack of measurement, it became hard to track the traffic. The launch of the website became a false start because citizens running the website had no dashboard. Thus engineers were unable to measure the traffic on the website, such as knowing the number of people using the website in a single amount of time. Throughout five hours the best engineers were working on the website to fix the issue and restart the website with the dashboard added. Thus, an effective government in terms of its performance shouldn’t only have a strategic plan and a desires outcome to launch a new project but also be able to track it to know the results. Hence, having a government that is effective in terms of its performance is a step forward towards good public management.

A government that can be described as effective or generally good, should be transparent, though it doesn’t necessarily mean accountable. Transparent government means that the necessary information is available and open to the public. For example, when the government puts online annual reports on state’s economic growth report or makes new legislation drafts and final, approved versions of new laws accessible to public eyes. Thus, the transparent government opens a surface of discussion by giving a one-sided information and letting the citizens know what kind of decisions are being made in the government.

The reform focuses on rules and regulations, institutions and having a high-quality public sector. Consequently, the main goal of the reform is to render bureaucracy.Thus, more equitable and inclusive, more effective in terms of performance and transparent government excludes any possibility of bureaucracy and serves as a vehicle for change towards a better and effective government.


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