Sex, Death and …

Sex, Death and … The shelf divider was blocking the bottom part of the book cover and I could not help but wonder what could possibly complete the latter duo. So I stood up and went up to the shelf where the book was sitting patiently waiting for the next curious passer-by. Fly Fishing. That was the missing element to the thrilling title. Definitely not what I had expected which is the exact reason that made it 10 times better.

After googling the book I found out that the title refers to the Mayflies hatching and it is, in fact,  more about fly fishing than philosophical discussions on romance and death.  Although Mr. Gierach was successful at drawing my exhausted brain’s attention to his book, his essays on bass fishing, private ponds, walking sticks, British Columbia are not on the top of the endless list of the books I am planning to read.

Any product other than its immaterial value has a secondary role of being bought. Or should I say primary? The latter is quite a dilemma. The value of the item will remain unexplored if no one buys it, but what is the point of a useless purchase. Leaving alone the philosophical and getting back to the practical, a good book title undoubtedly draws buyers’ attention.

According to American author Scott Berkun, it is essential that the book’s title is provocative, short and memorable. While he also notes that there are many great books with dubious titles and awful books with fantastic titles, one may conclude that a good book title does not guarantee success.  And again ‘good’ is a subjective notion. Each editor would make a drastically different choice when given the task to name the book. There goes another reason why I will never be able to write and publish a book, as my indecisive self would simply jump off a cliff than bet her creation’s fate on a single phrase out of hundreds and hundreds of possible word combinations.






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